Theme #14: The Best Damn Thing. ♥
Requested. :”&gt;
Codes here : http://littlemissdeesaster.webs.com/Bestdamnthing.txt

Theme #14: The Best Damn Thing. ♥

Requested. :”>

Codes here : http://littlemissdeesaster.webs.com/Bestdamnthing.txt

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Theme #10: Light Up My World
Codes Here: 

Theme #10: Light Up My World

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absolutezerooo: hello madi :) just want to ask, how can i put the (dashboard and follow button) at the bottom and how can i transfer my side bar to the right ? please do reply. thanks :) by the way,i love your themes :) keep it going :D

Holla. :”> Try reading this one. I learned it from there. :3

Posted on 5/Jan/13

Anonymous: hey, I used your "Here We Go Again theme" how do I edit it? like the title, etc?


Posted on 24/Nov/12

I believe I cannot update my theme blog. I don’t know if this is because of the new Set-Up. I can’t customize the blog. I might shut this one down and transfer it to another blog.


Posted on 29/Sep/12

Anonymous: Please change the part on your sidebar links that says "stuffs". "Stuff" is collective, just like "audience", "evidence", "information"; it is true that the plural form has an "s" but as it is used to refer to a lot of things, it is used as just "stuff". "Stuffs" is grammatically incorrect and is making us cringe, thanks.

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Posted on 18/Aug/12

Rewind Theme /  UPDATED Codes here :)

Rewind Theme /  UPDATED Codes here :)

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People say it isn’t working.

But I looked it up, tried it on one of my blogs, and it’s working. Tell me again if you have problems.

(PS: Sorry for not being able to respond to messages quickly, I am busy. )

Posted on 9/Aug/12

confessionsofanintellectual: Hi! First of all, your themes are gorgeous(: My question is, do you have any themes with changeable banners? Thanks!<33

Nah, I don’t have any. yet. Maybe soon. Ü

Posted on 6/Aug/12

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